Major Services


Water & Wastewater Services

  1. Water, Wastewater and Industrial Wastewater Treatment  Operation and Maintenance
  2. Operator in Responsible Charge (ORC) Services
  3. Industrial Pretreatment Program Assistance, Development, and Implementation
  4. FOG (Fats, Oil & Grease) Program Implementation
  5. Facility Performance Evaluations
  6. Flow Monitoring Studies
  7. Facility Reporting and Documentation
  8. Operating Plans and SOP's
  9. New Facility Start-up's
  10. System Rehabilitation
  11. Operatorand Staff Training


Jetting Services

Direct Discharge Consulting LLC, is proud to provide exceptional sewer cleaning services for numerous types and sizes of collection systems.

Our staff brings 30+ years of experience in sanitary sewer cleaning and maintenance.

Our Mongoose 184 compact design allows us to maneuver in tight locations with ease.

High Pressure (4,000 psi) and Low Volume (18 gpm) provide for efficient and effective cleaning.

Additionally, we offer competitive rates on Closed Circuit Television (CCTV).  Contact us to learn more!


Industrial Pretreatment Programs

Have an Approved or Unapproved Industrial Pretreatment Program, or does your facility need one?  Direct Discharge Consulting, LLC is prepared to assist where needed.  We specialize in all aspects of industrial preatreatment programs, including, but not limited to development and implementation; service area inventory; inspections and sampling; permit development and enforcement.  Contact us to learn more!